Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cindy Bean Gallery Stroll

Cindy Bean is a talented graphic designer and illustrator using a fascinating medium- paper cutting. The detail in her work is beautiful, crafted by an obviously meticulous hand. Cindy's subject matter is charming. She sometimes gets classified as a children's illustrator, but her images are far from being images that only children enjoy. Many of her pieces tell a lovely shadowed narrative and each piece is worthy of prolonged gazing.

Cindy has created a new body of work to show at Blonde Grizzly for this months gallery stroll. I asked her a few questions about the upcoming show and the craft of paper cutting.

Paper cutting is a pretty rare art form. What made you decide to start?
In 2006, a friend and I went on a whirlwind trip of Europe. Stopping in Salzburg, we went to the museum at Mozart's birthplace. In the gift shop, they had these small papercuts for sale. I bought a couple and thought, "I can do this." Then, we went to my grandparent's home in Germany. In their sitting room, they had a few papercuts hanging on the wall. These were, by far, much more intricate than the ones I had bought in Salzburg and it shifted my line of thinking from, "I can do this" to "I'm going to need to practice this for a while before I can get this good."
This is your second show at Blonde Grizzly. Your first show was a bunch of very small pieces. The image for your work in this show looks like the pieces may be larger, or at least have multiple layers. Can you tell us a little about the pieces that we can expect to see on Friday night?
There will be a few pieces from the story of "The Marsh King's Daughter" an Andersen fairy tale and there will also be some from different tales. They all have a water theme to them. These are definitely larger pieces with much more detail to them. Whereas the other show had a lot of smaller pieces with less detail, this one will have fewer, larger ones that took a lot more time to create. Also, my husband, Tom, helped me out a lot by creating custom board for the frames, so that was fun to collaborate with him on that.
Your pieces are very intricate and I can only imagine they take a very long time to make. Can you walk us through the process?
The hardest part isn't the cutting, it's the concepting. Trying to figure out what to draw, how to position things so they are recognizable as silhouettes, what paper to use, how big it should be. Once these things are all figured out, the cutting part is a breeze. Sure, it may take a lot of time, but there's a lot less thinking and a lot more listening to podcasts involved.
Your last show included images of the 50 states. What is you favorite state and why?
Well, of the pieces from that show, my favorite was Texas and Oklahoma (their birds had long, pretty tails). I loved how Maine's turned out too, with it's little chickadee on top of the pine. My favorite state, though it's papercut was one of my least favorites, is this great state we're living in, Utah. So many pivotal moments have happened here in my life that I will cherish forever.
On your blog, you give away free paper cutting templates. (which is so cool) Just on the first page I saw a valentine, a Wizard of Oz inspired template and one with David and Goliath. How do you choose the theme or ideas for the templates?
A lot of times, I choose my themes from whatever season we're in. If it's close to Valentine's, I'll do a love theme. Christmas - a Christmas theme, etc. But sometimes I'll just be sitting in church and doodling and they just get whatever template comes out of my brain, like it or not!
Your blog is called Scherenschnitte which is the German word for paper cutting? What are your specific ties to Germany? (heritage, travel, language etc)
My mother was born and raised in Germany and is adorable. I've had 4 years of unsuccessful German classes in high school and college and I've been there a handful of times to visit family. I would love to go back and visit one of their Scherenschnitte museums.

We look forward to seeing Cindy's new work and you should too! Gallery Stroll is this Friday Night. Come out and enjoy!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

HamburgrHotdog Wilson Bros Shirts

Blonde Grizzly has added two new delightful tees from HamburgrHotdog to their tee shirt repertoire. This time it's the Wilson brothers. First off we have Luke in his most charming role as Richie Tenenbaum complete with aviators and sweat band. This first time I saw this movie I was totally crushing hard on this cutie. (But who wasn't, amiright ladies?)

Owen is depicted in his role as Francis from the Darjeeling Limited, bandages and all. Please pardon his loose tooth. 

Both of these are available at the store now, so stop by and shop local.

Monday, January 14, 2013


Utah always brings in the New Year with style, hosting the annual Sundance Film Festival. The Festival inevitably brings around talented actors, musicians and occaisionally artists. This year, Blonde Grlizzly will be hosting a spectacular January show from renowned artists who are really good at creeping you out. These artists include ZeroFriends friends, non local and local artists. The show is called Scumdance: Celebrating The Villainous Scum Of The Silver Screen, and is sure to depict some of the freakiest characters from movie history.
As we anticipate actually seeing what these artists have up their sleeves for Scumdance I thought it would be nice to introduce them all.

Most likely, if you are familiar with Blonde Grizzly, you are familiar with Alex Pardee by now. Alex makes drippy,  colorful creepy art with seriously beautiful line quality.

Dave Corriea is equally represented in black and white, and color. His work has a sense of mystery like each piece tells it's own horror story.

Matt Ritchie is known for making tiny wooden pieces, usually no larger than a quarter that he cuts to shape. He is currently working on cutting out movie culture characters out of ping pong paddles for Scumdance.

Skinner makes pieces that look, as I can only imagine, what having a nightmare on LSD would be like. I say that as a compliment. His work is usually complicated and profoundly interesting.

Robert Bowen often paints collages. That is, his paintings often juxtapose different images mashed up into one central figure surrounded by a still background.

Jon Wayshak is a man of many talents. He not only does fine art and illustration, he also makes comics.  And you can tell,  his figures have crazy cool motion.

SPOILER ALERT: This is an actual piece from Scumdance from everyone's favorite tattoo artist, Vic Back.

Fellow tattoo artist and local Austen Stanton will also be joining us.

If that star studded line-up isn't exciting, I don't know what is. Gallery stroll and the opening of the show will be Janurary 18th. Check back for more info about the show. The images will be made available online once the opening is over (that is, if there are any pieces left.) Oh, and another super bonus- all this work is totes going to be priced affordably so you can take home an image of the villian that personally scares you the most and hang it over your bed and look at it as you are trying to pass into a peaceful slumber.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

ZeroFriends Forever

ZeroFriends has a new line of tees out by Alex Pardee and Dave Correia called ZeroFriends Forever, which is super adorable. May I suggest some matching ZFF shirts for you and your BFF? Yes, I may. You could ever get this one, called "Back Pact" as a representation of you and your BFF totally shaking hands. You can be the blue guy with a huge mouth and your friend can be the melty pink thing. Oh, your friend wants to be the blue guy? Fine, fine, you can be the pink dude, he has a cuter face anyway.

Or you can be slightly more creepy and disturbed by pretending that you are this shark, and your BFF is seriously having some problems (but you are still together and that is what counts!) with this "ZFF Hang In There" tee.

Here are some more friendly cuties on "ZFF Hand Held." So much love.

Is one of you always a little down and there other one is always having to lift the other up? Get the "Hill and Liam."

Or get this sweet little piece of meta love, called "Thank You."

All these tees are now in the store, and guess what? Christmas is one week away and your BFF totes deserves a tee to show them how much you appreciate their friendship, and you deserve one too, so that you can match, and prove to everyone that you are totally ZFFBFF's. Good idea? I think so.

Monday, December 10, 2012

HamburgrHotdog Shirts

HamburgrHotdog is a relatively new local (Provo) company printing all your fave faces on nice soft American Apparel tees. When I look at these guys so many characters and so many quotes pop in to my head. I think I'll share with you my love for each tee. 

Except, we are going to start out on the wrong foot here, cause first up is Danny DeVito. I don't/haven't watched It's Always Sunny so I am a little out of touch with Mr. DeVito's latest comedic endevours, but I do love him as a figure in my childhood. I'll always love him for being Phil's voice in Hercules and the self centered crooked car dealer Dad on Matilda. But my favorite quote from him may just be as the Lorax when offered a marshmallow, "I'm going to eat this, but I'm highly offended by it." (I have a three year old. Can you tell?)

Bill Murray is a genius at playing characters that you simultaneously love and loath. My favorite roll of his ever may just be that of Steve Zissou. Honestly, I considered naming my second child Zissou. Favorite quote: "I'm going to find it and I'm going to destroy it. I don't know how yet. Possibly with dynamite." But really, the entire movie is one amazing quote.

Everyone loves Christopher Walken. Probably because they are scared not to. "More Cowbell!"

Sam. Could there be anything more awesome than Sam and Susie dancing in their undies and smoking on the beach? No. Favorite quote: "I love you, but you have no idea what you are talking about."

Will Ferrell. How can you possibly choose one quote from this man? I love his comedy, but honestly prefer him in more serious rolls. My absolute favorite movie of his is Stranger Than Fiction. I could watch that movie a million times and still love the crap out of it. Notable quote "I am relieved to know that I am not a golem."

So how about you? What are some of your favorite rolls and quotes from these guys? Come pick up a shirt or two, or three, or ten at Blonde Grizzly. They are sure to be a talking point.

Oh, and HamburgrHotdog, we are excited to see more picks for faces on shirts. How about some babes up in here? I'm thinking April Ludgate.

Whose face would you wear?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gallery Stroll Nutcracker show!

Where does the time fly? It's already time again for not only gallery stroll, but the awesome annual Nutcracker Show at Blonde Grizzly. Get ready to experience some Holiday cheer as interpreted through multiple artists using Nutcrackers as their medium. Just as last year, the show is curated by Vic Black. Vic has pulled together some of his favorite artists to bring you the most creative nut crunchers you'll ever lay your peepers on. Last years show was a knock out and this year is sure to be too.  Below is a photo of a few of last years Nutcrackers (which are incredible), but if you want to see this years designs you will have to come down to Blonde Grizzly.

Remember, Gallery Stroll is early in December. It is THIS Friday, the 7th, and the official opening starts at 6:00pm, but you can come in any day after than while you are doing some Christmas shopping for your loved ones and scope out the show or purchase Nutcrackers through December. So whether you can make it Friday or not, get yourself down to Blonde Grizzly sometime in the next few weeks for a real treat.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Trent Call Gallery Stroll

When I first started to take notice of the local art scene in Salt Lake City, Trent Call was one of the first artists that I learned about and loved. Over the years, his work has taken on many forms, but has always kept a recognizable style with bright colors, bold line work, skilled textures and patterns and clean execution. Trent is somewhat of an Art God in Salt Lake City, and rightly so. He keeps his work fresh and constantly new and surprising. I always enjoy running into Trent's work.

Trent will be showing at Blonde Grizzly this month for Gallery Stroll. I asked him a few questions about his work and the upcoming show. Here is what he had to say:

First, just tell us a little bit about yourself- your art training, your hobbies, pets, where you grew up 

Received a BFA from the U of U, I like taking photos of trains, I have two cats and was born and raised 
in Salt Lake City.

You are a man of many mediums. Do you have a favorite medium to work in?

I wouldn't say I have a favorite medium. Most of the time it depends on what I am working on at the moment. Recently, for example, I have been messing around with a lot of patterns and tessellation. So I have been 
using a lot of Illustrator and Photoshop. The series prior to that was glitchy portraits with oil paint.

You have mastered cartoon imagery, contemporary pop abstractions and realism. Do you have a 
favorite style to work in?

I like to think that the medium depicts the style. Spray paint is large and fast with a variety of line, oil paint 
versatile with an immense range of color, screen printing can be preconceived as well as a spontaneous 
labored process, you can be crazy aggressive with latex and computers can pretty much do anything, 
although being restricted to a digital file can at times be limiting.

What kind of work can we expect to see at the show at BG?

Lots of mixed media. A new t-shirt! Paint, vinyl, gifs, screen print, paint, etc.

What are your biggest influences, or who are some of your art heroes that inspire you to work?

Pretty much everything Steve Powers says and does is amazing.

I saw that you just did a cool mural in Park City, what was that for? Any other cool projects coming 
up that you would like to promote?

The Park City thing is in the pedestrian tunnel under Deer Valley Dr. and Bonanza. It was the biggest wall I 
have yet to paint! As for the rest of the year, nothing too crazy, just get moving on my next series of work. I’d 
really like to get more into illustration. I like the challenge of it.  Next year I will be doing another residency at 
the Leonardo, which will be awesome. Oh and it will be the 15th anniversary of my zine, Swinj. [ ] So I’d like to do something awesome for that.

Also, if there is anything else you would like to say about your work, your life, your favorite cartoon 
etc, feel free to add it in.

Yeah! My friend Berkley Frei across the hall down here at Captain Captain is building this new killer app 
called SANDBOXR. As cool as the app will be, we are also working on building 
a 3D zoetrope with my characters. I am super stoked for this! To help support the project with an email vote, 
please go to Salt Valley Tally.  (Voting ends October 9th)

Um... John Kricfalusi (Ren & Stimpy) is coming out with a new thing called 'Cans without labels' funded by kickstarter. That should be rad!

Make sure to stop by Friday night for Gallery Stroll to see the work and to pick up an amazing tee shirt with the above graphic.