Monday, August 30, 2010

It's almost raffle time

Tomorrow is the last day to be entered in to our raffle. Come in to the store and buy a shirt or print and you will get a raffle ticket for each item bought.

Winning raffles ticket will get one of the items pictured below.

Raffle tickets are also available for purchase for $5 each at the store.

Here is what you could win:
Alex Pardee large print
Alex Pardee mini print (we have 2 of these)
Hi-Fructose Magazine: Volume 16
Fractured Fairy tales book featuring Camilla d'Errico
Skinner large print
Skinner stalker plush
Skinner sticker sheet
Exclusive Comic-Con Alex Pardee designed Sucker Punch t-shirts. We have 5 of these.
Blonde Grizzly t-shirts
Zerofriends t-shirts

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

-NEW- Dave Correia prints & books

We just got some new prints from Dave Correia. Come into the store and check them out. We also got some of his art books including the new Book 4. We have some of these with hand painted covers.

We got a restock of Owl & Copywriter as well.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Opening Reception - Cindy Ferguson

Thanks to everyone who came out to the gallery stroll on Friday night. The show was amazing and we had a lot of fun. Cindy thanks for all of your hard work.

Caleb, Hillary & Cindy

I apologize for the next pictures below. We took them at the very end of the night so the lighting is sort of terrible.

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces. We will be getting them up online for purchase this week as well. We will do a post when we get them all up. (801)355-9075

Also, we still have some t-shirts available from the show. They are only $20 and we only printed 50. Show some love for Cindy and buy a t-shirt here or come into the store.

Friday, August 20, 2010

-NEW- mOde clutches in the store

Amber Dunford dropped off some of her new line of amazing mOde clutches today for us to carry in the store. We asked Amber some question to get to know her a little better.

BG: Tell us about yourself.
AD: I'm kind of a pack rat. Not in a hoarder sort of way, but I definitely tuck away little trinkets, fabrics and furniture with the intention of making something amazing out of them some day. I am also a sucker for anything with a story behind it. If there isn't one, I usually make one up. About 2 out of 10 friends, think I can deliver a spot on Russian accent. I was born on Christmas day and sent home in a stocking. I carry all bugs outside, with the exception of spiders. I love traveling and recently crossed Thailand off my short list. I also have the cutest dog on the planet named Iverson.

In my non-crafting life, I am a Mental Health Therapist at a non-profit agency where I work with children. I am also adjunct faculty at The Salt Lake Community College where I develop and teach a Design Psychology course for the Interior Design Program.

BG: Who/What inspires you?
AD: I am surprisingly not that inspired by other handbag designers. I love accessories, clothing and fashion, but find they way someone puts it all together to be more interesting than the actual pieces. I am always inspired by architecture, textiles and design, and often find beauty in cast away items at vintage shops. I also think anyone doing something they are passionate about, usually translates as inspiration for me. Anytime I see a total stranger wearing one of my clutches, I have to contain myself from tackling them or repeatedly telling them thank you. That sight typically makes the long hours hunched over a sewing machine entirely worthwhile.

I recently a heard line in a documentary where someone said, "You should really do what you love, because that is what you will be the best at." Pretty simple words, but inspiring nonetheless.

BG: How do you get the idea for mOde and what made you decide to start the company?
AD: I used to work at a furniture store years ago and as a result of fabric being discontinued, we were left with piles of upholstery fabrics. I couldn't bear the idea of tossing them, so I began squirreling fabric away with no actual plan for using it. I decided to teach myself how to sew and I began experimenting with the fabrics, eventually landing on the idea of clutches. My early edition ones were hilarious, but luckily I have darling friends who supported me and wore them around town. I eventually began fully lining each clutch, creating my own tags, embroidering, screening and doing my own grommets. It's completely a labor of love, but fortunately I love doing it.

Although many fabrics are upholstery grade, I also began using fabrics acquired from thrift store finds. Most of the mOde line is currently comprised of vintage dress remnants, curtains, tablecloths and upholstery fabrics.
As for the future of mOde, I have some art collaborations on the horizon that should be a lot of fun. Overall, I'm just really excited about where things are heading.

BG: What do you do when you are not madly sewing clutches?
AD: I'm pretty simple. If I'm not sewing or searching for fabric, I am probably taking on a project around my house, trying to figure out how to keep a garden alive or hanging with my cute friends and family.

BG: What are 3 of your top 5 movies or books?
AD: I wish I had a few life-changing books to rattle off, but the reality is that I am likely reading psychology books or design magazines. I usually turn on music in lieu of picking up a book and almost always have something playing while I sew. My top sewing jams are a few songs from Phantogram, Sleigh Bells, Warpaint and the entire Jogger, "This Great Pressure" album.
As for movies, I am usually content with any documentary or Wes Anderson film.

*All photos courtesy of Amber Dunford.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gallery Stroll - This friday

The gallery stroll is coming up fast. It's Friday, August 20 from 6-9pm. Cindy is doing 50+ pieces for this show. She is doing a piece for each state and a couple larger pieces. We are so excited about this show and can't wait for you all to see her stuff.

We are trying out something new for this show. We are selling a limited edition t-shirt designed by Cindy the night of the show. The shirt is only $20. Here is the design titles, Bear Murders Puma.

-NEW- Robert Bowen Prints

We are so thrilled to have Robert Bowen's artwork in our store. We asked him a couple questions about himself and his artwork to get to know him a little better.

BG: Tell us about yourself.
RB: I am a San francisco based artist, With a pension for absinthe, Mexican food, and longs walks on the beach, that lead to short piers.

BG: What or Who inspires you and your art?
RB: I find inspiration in a variety of places, Friends, random conversations people have, T.V., movies, childhood memories, animals...the list goes on. Also I'm blessed to have a really artistic group of friends, they always inspire.

BG: What's the best thing about being an artist?
RB: Probably the opportunity to create images plucked from my mind, and make the image out of nothing, and then people are able to see it.

BG: What's the worst thing about being an artist?
RB: Critics, people judging you be cause you choose to be creative. If they don't understand it they tend to hate on it.

BG: What is a typical day like for you?
RB: Wake up, hopefully hangover free, I do a lot of cooking, painting, stressing. I think most of my days painting, cooking and stressing, G.T.L., a few fist pumps. Not necessarily in that order.

BG: What are 3 of your top 5 movies or books?
RB: Top 3! man that's tough, They change a lot. Maybe, Big Trouble in Little China, Nightmare on Elm Street, aaaaand Gentlemen Broncos. Maybe my favorite books are animal and insect reference books.

St. Elmo's Fire
Limited Edition Of 50.
11″ x 14″

Southern Oracle
Limited Edition Of 50.
17″ x 22″

Mario Lanza Will Melt Your Face
Limited Edition Of 40.
11 3/4″ x 22″

April's Fools
Limited Edition Of 40.
The print is also a dyptic just like the painting – 11.5″ x 22″ each half, 11.5″ x 44″ total.

-NEW- Potter Press prints

We have 2 new prints in the store from Potter Press. Mark your calendars for September 17th...the Potters will be doing a solo show at the store on that day.

Bike Castle

Halloween Kids

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

-NEW- Camilla d'Errico prints

We just got some new prints in all the way from Canada. Camilla d'Errico does beautiful work and we are so excited to have some of her prints in the store.

Bird Nest

Neon New York

Blueberry Sucker

My Frenemies

Craft Lake City

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us at Craft Lake City. We had such a great time.

There was a lot of amazing talent there....including some of the artists we have in our store.

mOde Clutch

photo credit: Sarah Pace

Noble Town Vintage

photo credit: Sarah Pace

Potter Press...Nick and Erin Potter will be doing a solo show at Blonde Grizzly September 17th. Mark your calendars.

photo credit: Gavin of Gavin's Underground

Candace Jean

photo credit: Gavin of Gavin's Underground


photo credit: Gavin of Gavin's Underground

photo credit: RomyLuvsCorina

Friday, August 13, 2010

-NEW- Alex Pardee t-shirts

We got some new Alex Pardee t-shirts in for Craft Lake City tomorrow.

We got a restock of Tonight, To Knight....we now have all sizes again.

We still have some of the limited edition color run of sharkasus. There was only 150 of these shirts made, so get them while they are still in stock. Once they are gone, they are gone for good.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Craft Lake City - here we come

Craft Lake City had a cancellation, so we get to have a booth there. Check out their site here.! There are going to be some amazing artists participating. Everyone come and support local artists and see how talented this city is!

-NEW- Noble Town Vintage jewelry


We are so excited to have Noble Town Vintage jewelry in the store. Sarah Pace is the creator of this beautiful jewelry. We asked her a couple questions to get acquainted with her.

BG: Tell us a little about yourself?
Sarah: I'm pretty simple, I like to make things and am always up to learn something new. I'm from Phoenix originally but have been living in Salt Lake City for 7 years now and it feels like home. I love hunting for vintage wares, sewing, and cooking. I am also a hairdresser at Salon O which has been an amazing, creative place to work in.

BG: How did you get into making jewelry?
Sarah: I've been running an etsy shop for awhile mainly featuring altered vintage clothing and sweet bags and shoes. I kept finding loads of interesting vintage brass findings and chains and started collecting them just to make jewelry for myself and friends for fun. Pretty soon I was making more jewelry than clothing and started to bring a collection online into my etsy shop. The support and interest has been great and encouraging but there's nothing like feeling and seeing something in person which is why I wanted to find a brick and mortar shop to put my jewelry in.

BG: What inspires you?
Sarah: So far my inspiration has been of strong geometric shapes mixed with raw, earthy elements. I'm drawn to simple silhouettes, repeating themes and pieces that stand on their own or layer for more interest. Making jewelry that can look just as great with cut offs as they do with a cocktail dress is my aim.

BG: What are 2 of your favorite movies or books?
Sarah: My movie watching gets diluted because trying to multitask and make things at the same time and I don't get to read much unless I'm traveling, so instead of books I'm including three podcasts I listen to while creating:
Uhh Yeah Dude (makes me laugh)
This American LIfe (makes me cry)
RadioLab (makes me think)

Come into the store and see the jewelry. It's fantastic. We will also have it with us at the Twilight concerts on Thursdays.

-Noble Town Vintage will also be at Craft Lake City this Saturday August 14th at the Gallivan Center from 2-9pm with her full line of jewelry and reconstructed clothing.

Friday, August 6, 2010

See you on Thursday!

We are headed to Yellowstone for a little R & R.

photo from Rodney Ricks

We'll be back on Thursday for the Pioneer Park concert. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Free Print

We wanted to do something to thank you for shopping with us. So spend $50 or more in the store, and get a free Monster mini print of your choice from Alex Pardee's My Favorite Monsters.

While supplies last based on availability.

Comic-Con Loot Raffle

Caleb came back from Comic-Con with a lot of great stuff. We want to share what he got with all of you!

For every t-shirt or artist print bought, you get a raffle ticket. We will pick the winning raffle numbers September 1st. A winning raffle ticket will get one of the items pictured below.

Raffle tickets are also available for purchase for $5 each.

Here is what you could win:
Alex Pardee large print
Alex Pardee mini print (we have 2 of these)
Hi-Fructose Magazine: Volume 16
Fractured Fairy tales book featuring Camilla d'Errico
Skinner large print
Skinner stalker plush
Skinner sticker sheet
Exclusive Comic-Con Alex Pardee designed Sucker Punch t-shirts. We have 5 of these.